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The most important things to check before choosing the photographer for a flying dress photoshoot

A photoshoot is an incredibly important and memorable occasion, whether it’s for a personal project, a professional headshot, or a special event. Booking the right photographer can make all the difference in the world, and it’s essential to take certain factors into consideration when making this decision.

One of the most important things to look at when booking a photoshoot is the photographer’s portfolio. Make sure their style and aesthetic match your vision for the shoot, and look for consistency in the quality and composition of their work. This can be a strong indicator of their level of experience and skill.

It’s also important to consider the photographer’s level of professionalism and customer service. Do they respond to inquiries in a timely manner? Are they organized and reliable? Do they have positive reviews from previous clients? These are important things to look for as they can impact your overall experience and satisfaction with the photoshoot.

However, it’s becoming increasingly important to be aware of a concerning trend in the photography industry – photographers who buy followers, likes, and Google reviews to create a fake image of themselves online. This tactic is used to create the illusion of a successful and reputable photographer, but it’s important for clients to be aware of this and not fall victim to the deception.

Fake followers and likes can be easily spotted by investigating the engagement rate on the photographer’s social media accounts. If their number of followers is high but the level of engagement is low, then it’s likely that many of their followers are not genuine. Similarly, if a photographer has many five-star Google reviews without any critical feedback, it’s possible that these reviews were purchased rather than earned.

To avoid falling for fake advertising, always look beyond a photographer’s follower count or Google reviews. Instead, focus on the photographer’s portfolio, professionalism, and communication skills. Additionally, ask for referrals and look for recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have had successful photoshoot experiences in the past.

In conclusion, booking a photoshoot is a big decision, and it’s important to take the time to research and vet potential photographers before making a final decision. By focusing on the photographer’s portfolio, professionalism, and communication skills, and being aware of the pitfalls of fake followers and reviews, clients can ensure they have a successful and satisfying photoshoot experience.